We invite you to discover the many groups at Good Shepherd Catholic Church dedicated to bringing Christ to our children and young adults.

Amigos de Jesús y María es un ministerio de niños en las edades en 5 hasta los 14 años para que conozcan la vida de Jesús y de la Virgen Santísima y sus enseñanzas para que puedan vivir una vida cristiana y llena del gozo del Señor. Los niños son el futuro de nuestra Iglesia Católica y Apostólica.
Responsable:  Carolina Garcia, (786) 712-2773
Encuentros:  Thursdays, 8pm in the Parish Hall

Kids for Christ is part of the Couples for Christ family. They are active participants in parish life at Good Shepherd Catholic Church. They have ongoing activities including small prayer cell meetings, scriptural teaching and sharing the gospel through evangelization. These are middle school kids in preparation to be active Christians not only in the international community, but in the parish life.
Head:  Brother Dan de la Cruz, (305) 989-6070,
Meetings:  First Sundays, 12:30pm, Parish Hall

Our mission is to be the church of the home and the church of the poor. CFC-Youth brings a place where youth can grow closer to God through the community of peers with which they can enjoy faith, fun, freedom, and friendship. Within this encouraging, energetic, loving environment, the youth will be able to develop their relationship with God and their brothers and sisters in Christ. We in CFC-Youth are called to be single-minded for God, 100% free, missionaries, sources of unity in the family, models of excellence, champions of the poor, and patriots.
Head:  Bro. Philip Abella, (786) 550-7763 and Dylin Abella, (305) 965-4149,
Meetings:  Third Saturday, 3:00pm in Room 206

The Federation of North American Explorers (FNE) is a volunteer Catholic faith-based youth movement that teaches responsibility, promise, commitment, leadership, service, and loyalty. They are organized in ranks by age, Explorers, Wolves and Otters. We explore nature, the outdoors, the community, service to others, leadership, and the Catholic faith. We are not affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America.
Explorers (13-17):
George Griffith, (786) 267-0135
Wolves (9-12): Wilfredo Pinero, (786) 554-7220
OTERS (6-8):  Raul Escarpio (305) 546-5501

Meetings:  Wednesdays, 8:00pm in Room 206


Sacred Tradition teaches us that the Faith was initially passed down through generations by word of mouth. As Soldiers of Mercy teens grow in the Faith, we also pass it down to the little ones. Kadets of Mercy is a mini version of the youth group for children from 4-12 years old . The teens from Soldiers of Mercy are living examples of the faith and as role models for the children to and imitate.
Head:  Marta Garcia

Meetings:  Saturdays, 10:50 am in Conference Room#2

R.I.S.E. (SWAG) Young Adults Ministry
Head:  J.P. Pages,
Meetings:  Mondays, 8:00pm in Room 230 of School


Soldiers Of Mercy is a Catholic Youth Ministry that caters to the development of youth through a series of Workshops, Retreats, Follow-ups, Community Events and Mercy Works. Our main purpose is to form the youth through our Leadership Development Program (L.D.P) and empower them to enrich lives of the youth around them.
Head:  Johann Herrera, Sebastian Vargas
Meetings:  Fridays, 8:00pm in Parish Hall, First Fridays Adoration in main Church 8:15 pm.

Soldiers Of Mercy Young Adults are leaders of young adults that are seeking more spirituality and that unite for ongoing personal and spiritual formation in bible, doctrine, and apologetics which allows them to be well-prepared.
Head:  Jason Ruiz
Meetings:  Mondays, 8:00pm in room 206 of School

Seeking Wisdom And Grace. The ministry is meant to help teens find their place in this world with an active Faith as their guide. This Seeking allows them to journey with the Wisdom and Grace of our Lord as they not only partake in Retreats but also provide service to the Community and help those in need by Feeding the Homeless with Missionaries of Charity, visit the sick, and Give Gifts to Families during Advent as we go caroling in the neighborhood. We practice the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy as well as have gatherings and Social Nights rooted in Faith and Fellowship.
Head:  J.P. Pages,
Meetings:  Mondays, 8:00pm in Room 230 of School