Holy Mass - New Guidelines

It is with great joy and thanksgiving to Our Lord that we announce the reopening of Good Shepherd for the celebration of Holy Mass and the Sacraments beginning May 26, 2020. In an effort to make this transition a safe and efficient process for you, we are providing the key information you will need to resume your sacramental life. Below you will find information on our schedules, liturgical services, and the new guidelines for attending mass. 


See Mass Schedules.


Confession at the church will be offered according to our regular schedule. See Confession Schedule.


  • Starting November 6, 2021 the Archdiocese of Miami will permit those who are vaccinated to attend Mass without wearing masks while keeping in place mask requirements at other parish gatherings.
  • Wear a Mask:  Please have your mask on when entering the church and please wear it at all times inside the church and on church grounds.
  • Observe Social Distancing: While waiting outside and when inside the church, please maintain 6 Feet of distance from each other. 
  • Enter Through the Front Doors & Exit Through the Side Doors:  All entrance into the church will be from the main front entrance (east doors). The side doors are for exiting only. An Usher will open the doors from the inside and people will enter one group at a time. Once inside please follow the instructions of the Ushers in order to be seated. There will be tables as you enter with hand sanitizers which we encourage you to please use. There will also be offertory baskets at the entrance as you enter and at the exits as you leave for your donations. The only exits will be the two side doors. The back doors will also be closed so if  you wish to use the restrooms near the office, please exit from the side doors.
  • Follow The Ushers:  Ushers will provide you with the offertory baskets as you enter and exit, lead you to your seat, lead you to the communion line, guide your departure from the church, and answer any questions you may have. Please follow their instructions and feel free to ask them any questions or go to them with any needs you may have.
  • Seating:  An Usher will lead you to your seat as you enter. All seating will be at a first come, first seated basis. We have organized the church according to groups so please indicate if you are a family, an individual, or wish to be seated in the senior section. We ask that you do not walk around the church or gather in groups as we must maintain social distancing at all times.
  • Alternatives for Attending:  If you wish to attend Mass and are not able to enter the church for any reason, we will live stream specific Sunday Masses which you can watch from your home, from the Parish Hall, or from your cars in the church parking lot. For those who stay in their cars Communion will be offered outside the church at each corner of the front entrance. Please check the Mass Schedule for the list of live streamed Masses.
  • Offertory:  If you are able to give your offering at Mass, please be prepared to drop your donations off in the offertory basket as you enter the main church or the Parish Hall. The offertory baskets will also be available for those who watch Mass from their cars when they approach Communion, and at both side doors when you depart after Mass.
  • Receiving Communion: The process for receiving Communion will be explained inside the church and the Parish Hall so please pay attention to the Lectors and Ushers as they explain how to form the lines and how to receive Communion. Communion in the mouth will ONLY be offered by the presiding priest inside the main church.
  • Departure:  At the end of Mass, please do not get up and leave. The Lector will announce which sections of the church and Chapel will depart. Please do not congregate inside the church. Unfortunately, no one can stay inside the church or Parish Hall after Mass because we only have a limited amount of time to clean and disinfect the church, Chapel and Parish Hall.


  • Liturgical Ministers are asked to arrive 30 minutes before Mass. If you are a Liturgical Minister attending Mass, we ask that you please assist with ushering and other needs that will arise. Please see the Sacristan or Lead Usher when you arrive.
  • We are in great need of Ushers and volunteers. Please contact the office at (305) 385-4320 or email [email protected]


  • Communion for the homebound will be offered by request. Please contact the office at (305) 385-4320.
  • The Adoration Chapel will open for adoration 2 persons at a time. Please contact Ivette Gonzalez at [email protected] to make your reservation. A reservation is required to enter the Adoration Chapel.