Sacrament of The Eucharist

First Communion Guidelines

Requirements for the Sacrament of First Holy Communion:
Preparation for First Holy Communion is a two year process and begins when the child enters second grade. Children in older grades will receive religious formation classes at their grade level and will receive the sacrament after two years.  If you are considering enrolling your child in Religious Education at Good Shepherd Catholic Church, please review the requirements below:

- Completion of Religious Education Registration Form by Sep 30th deadline
- Baptismal Certificate
- Registration Fee
- 2 Years of Religious Education Classes
- Family Attendance at Mass is Required
- Four Sacramental Preparation Events for Parents

Required Documents & Forms
- Children who will receive First Communion should register during the summer beginning in June for Fall Registration.  
- A Baptismal certificate must be submitted with the registration form. Children cannot attend classes until the Baptismal certificate has been recorded.
- A Registration Fee of $150 (should be paid at time of Registration)
- A Registration Fee of $35 for the Second Year also applies.

Parent Participation
Preparation for First Reconciliation and First Communion is a family affair. Parents are their children's first teachers and examples of faith. With that in mind, we require:
- Regular weekly attendance at Mass; your children will be required to attend mass and will most likely reach out to you with questions regarding Catholic liturgy and worship.
- Attendance at four events which are an integral part of our Sacramental preparation program: One parent orientation, two parent catechesis workshops, and one Benediction Service prior to receiving First Holy Communion. Attendance at these meetings is mandatory for at least one parent. All of these meetings will begin at 7:29PM SHARP, please arrive by 7:15PM so you may sign in and find a seat.
- The formation of your child's faith is a collaboration between you and the parish.  For those parents who wish to increase their knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith, we welcome you to assist your child's Catechist as a volunteer or attend a Ministry workshop.

First Communion Ceremony
Dates will be provided for the First Communion Ceremony a few months prior to the event.  Check this page for updates. A First Communion Ceremony Guide will be provided with instructions and guidelines for the event.
Dress Code:

  • Girls: Long or short white dresses. No spaghetti straps. Veils are permitted as long as they are pinned back. White flat shoes or sandals.
  • Boys: White, long sleeve dress shirts and white tie. Black or Navy dress pants. No dark jackets. All white suits are also acceptable.
    Note:  Children may not wear gloves, carry rosaries, or have prayer books during the Mass.

Lydia Navarro
Coordinator Religious Education
(305) 385-4320
Mon - Wed  2:00PM to 6:00PM