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The Society of St. Vincent de Paul


Society of St. Vincent de Paul Voice of the PoorHelping those in needSt.Vincent de Paul Vincentian Youth and Young Adults St.Vincent de Paul National Vehicle Donation Program St.Vincent de Paul Friends of the Poor Walk  

Members of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (or "Vincentians" ) are men and women who strive to grow spiritually by offering person-to-person service to individuals in need. We are young and old. Our members come in every shade of skin color. Some of us are wealthy, some are financially poor, but all of us are blessed with awareness that our blessings (time, talent or treasure) are to be shared with our brothers and sisters in need.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul offers tangible assistance to those in need on a person-to-person basis. It is this personalized involvement that makes the work of the Society unique. This aid may take the form of intervention, consultation, or often through direct dollar or in-kind service. An essential precept of the Society's work is to provide help while conscientiously maintaining the confidentiality and dignity of those who are served. The Society recognizes that it must assume, also, a role of advocacy for those who are defenseless or voiceless. Some 12 million persons are helped annually by Vincentians in the United States.


St Vincent of Paul was founded in Good Shepherd in the year 1990, this organization is helped mainly by funds that our parish priest, Father Jesus Arias, gives us monthly. At the moment, we have 14 active members and several benefactors. Our current president, Hibeth Escudero has been with St Vincent since 1992, as well as other members Kathy Sheppard, Eddie Tracy, Norma Borgono, Yolanda Puig, Miriam Estrada, Gloria de Badel, Vincent & Josefina Bonet, and Maria Teresa Carpenter.  We help our Good Shepherd community with food, the majority donated by our parish brothers; however we still receive help in this matter from other groups of the church, including the school. 


Without this aid our needy brothers would not have food like rice, beans, juice, canned vegetables, cakes, and cereal on their table. Also supermarkets donate bread to distribute on this day as well as other holidays (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas).In addition we normally prepare special baskets, which are for more or less 45 families x average of 5 or 6 members per family which would be a total of 270 people every 2 weeks.


We also help with other necessities like bills of FPL, water, rent, and some exceptions in phone, and medicine. We try to cover those who are in the area of our parish, including people of other religions; the Lord does not make any distinction, when our brothers are separated of the catholic religion and are also in need, our motto is:








If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Hibeth Escudero at (786)897-6037 for more information.





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